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Pastor Francis Meristal & First Lady Joelle Meristal

Francis Meristal


Francis Meristal is known as a voice of change for his generation. He is a visionary, preacher, teacher, charismatic leader, motivational speaker, and an apostolic overseer. He is the founder and Lead Pastor of Rhema Life Church, a multi-cultural vibrant ministry in the heart of Philadelphia, PA.

joelle meristal

First Lady 

Joelle Meristal, or Lady J as she is affectionately called, is a dynamic preacher, Bible teacher, motivational speaker, mentor, social worker, mother, wife, but most importantly, a woman of God. Joelle was born to God-fearing Haitian parents, Rev. Noisette and Adeline St. Jean, and was taught the way of the Lord very early in life. 

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